The nexus of the two cultures.


is an influencer app specially designed for integration between the Western and Eastern market; Getting brands from their respective industries to the eager hands of consumers on the other side.


Chinese market relations is profitable, but perilous. We help you handle the language, the market, and the social landscape to successfully penetrate the Chinese marketplace, using their own tried-and-true influencers to deliver your goods to the Chinese consumers.


Orient is lovingly made, with you in mind;

whether you’re an influencer or brand.

Easily search on thousands of hand-picked entries to find the one content that’s right for you.

Have ultimate flexibility in where you want your campaign to go and do.


Our data-based analytics is constantly changing to suit the increasingly-complex world; letting you take control of your campaigns and easily track media value per post, their impact on social media, and their various returns-on-investment.

How Orient Works:

Upload your initial inspiration for your campaign, and preset a budget for us to work with.


Influencers will gravitate to the ones they like, sending creative content within hours or days. Wait, as they come to you.


You look at the content they’ve come up with, buying it with just a click. Our in-built payment system will take care of the rest.


The content gets posted easily. You can then repeat this process as many tmes as you like.


Stay in control of your Marketing campaigns.

Post campaigns to Orient at no cost to reach thousands of influencers & KOLs. 

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Full Service Management

Orient provides transparency, data, and automation efficiency for influencer marketing initiatives in both Australian and  international markets. 







Brands & Agencies

Get influencers talking about your brand today.


Download the Orient app today and start earning

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