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About Orient

Orient is the leading influencer and KOL content marketing platform specially designed for integration between the Western & Eastern Market.

Orient provides insights to China’s Premier Influencer Marketing Network

With over 20,000+ influencers & KOLs across top social media platforms, Orient offers a combined reach of more than 960m consumers in China within the space of fashion, beauty, travel, parenting, fitness, home & design and more.

Orient is comprehensive and data-driven

Easily track the impact and ROI of each post – know exactly what you’ve paid for endorsements.

Over 1,000 brands and agencies trust Orient

Orient solves key challenges for local and international brands and agencies, by providing high-performing influencer & KOLs at a cost-effective rate, connecting them to Fortune 100 companies and independent labels.


Level 3, 380 Bourke Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia

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Satissfied Clients

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Creative Projects

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Satissfied Clients

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Creative Projects

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