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How to Use Influencer Marketing to Increase Brand Awareness

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Brand awareness
Brand awareness

Influencer marketing is one of the key ways to create brand awareness. Influencer marketing strategies have been utilised by many, and according to a study done by MediaKix, it’s actually a $5-10 billion industry.

You may wonder if influencer marketing is good for you. The answer is that it is. It’s part of the big leagues, and it can be a great addition to your digital marketing strategy.

Why influencer Marketing

According to a study done by Linquia, about 84% of marketers believe that this is effective, and it’s increased in popularity by 93%.  This is a very popular way to market products.

Some people may shy away from influencer marketing however, due to the fact that it can cost a lot of money to collaborate with others.  However, there is a solution to this too. The use of micro-influencers and nano-influencers is a good way to; boost engagement towards a product, while also not cutting into a budget.

Most people use Instagram for their influencer marketing, simply because it utilises pictorial images to sell a brand.

Source: MediaKix

There are a few things you have to do before you begin the journey of influencer marketing, and we’ll go over it here.

First, know what You want to Market

Before you even begin to contact the influencer, make sure that you have a budget.  Influencers do charge fees for partnerships and of course the branded post.

You’ll want to of course consider the following:

  • The influencer’s reach and how much engagement they have
  • How you want to sponsor the content
  • How long you want to sponsor the content

Obviously, you can measure your ROI based off these too, and you should look at the costs of this, followed by how much you plan to get from this. You should also factor in hidden costs and sponsorship fees that may be there.

Make sure as well that they’re a fitting audience for your content. If they won’t work for your brand, don’t work with them.

Work on the Partnership

Next, you want to find Influencers to partner with.

But, there is an importance rested on the impact of correct influencers.

There are so many social media Influencers out there, but you want to go for one that is mid-range rather than a high-end influencer.

Why is that? For smaller audiences, it actually can improve engagement rates, since it’s more personal.

They also may be better especially if you’re trying to target budget-friendly people.  It actually also improves reliability too. People will listen to smaller Influencers if they have the traction that shows they’re worth listening too.

You should also consider which social media platforms you want to use too.

But do your research, and make sure that they don’t have ghost or bot followers.

Figure out the Goal

Next, once you’ve chosen the influencers, figure out the goal.

You’ve got two options, and they are:

  • Brand awareness
  • Direct response

Brand awareness is good for those who are just starting out. Smaller Influencers are usually better for engagement with a product, whereas for larger Influencers, using a means to create brand awareness makes you stand out.

By figuring out the goal, and using metrics to leverage this, it can boost your influencer marketing tactics.

Consider How You want to Do the Marketing

Do you want to send them free products? Do you want to have them boost a giveaway or contest.

The latter is a great way to help boost it, since they can feature the product, say that it’s a giveaway, and they’ll boost it.

An example of a giveaway includes Jed North partnered with influencers like McKenna Wood to increase brand awareness among their target audience. This post from McKenna got over 550 likes and 250 comments.

Using giveaway to create brand awareness on instagram
Image via Instagram

However, there is a catch with contests. You want to make sure that the influencer has enough traction, which includes engagement and followers.

You can also have them shout out your brand. This may be a good one if you’re just trying to build a better following, and is one of the best influencer marketing strategies to consider.

Make sure when you talk to the influencer it sounds genuine, and consider a solid email template that’s personal, but also professional as well.

Consider Social Media Takeovers

social takeovers for brand awareness
Image via Instagram

Social media takeovers can be a great addition on top of your influencer marketing strategy. The influencer takes over one of your social media accounts for a specific time and creates content for your audience. The effect of this social takeover is that this new and unique content will not only attract your social media followers but also theirs. This improves brand awareness by reaching new audience and customer segments. The influencer can also drive traffic to your website by adding links to their posts.

A great example of a social media takeover includes Be Well Indy partners with an influencer, ms_kelly__, to build their brand awareness through a social media takeover.

Consider an Ambassador Program

Finally, consider an influencer marketing program when choosing campaigns. A brand ambassador is a long-term program that gives recommendations to people and promotes your brand, building awareness.

They also may get a cut of the sales they bring in, and you can use a coupon code with these, and it’s one of the best influencer marketing programs to try out.

This is a good one for a long-term commitment, but it’s best if you don’t give too many of these out right away, since it may end up causing you to spend more money than getting in.

That way they can provide success stories too which sells your brand even more.

The Key Here is to Increase your Brand!

The key element of influencer marketing is brand awareness. Giving them items and having them shout you out is a good way to use influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to build brand awareness, but also make sure you’re aligning all of these with the proper influencer marketing statistics, and make sure you’re improving on these as time goes on too!

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Start scaling your influencer marketing campaigns with Orient right away. We also have influencer & content marketing specialists ready to take on your next campaign!

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