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Top 10 Popular Kinds of Videos To Succeed at Growing a Youtube Channel

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different kinds of youtube videos
different kinds of youtube videos

YouTube is the world’s 2nd most visited platform and is used by many brands and influencers for video marketing purposes. It is also one of the most popular video hosting platforms and has over 5 billion videos watched on the platform per day. Creating consistent content on Youtube will not guarantee views, shares, like or success. Success comes down to creating the right video content, coupled with the right marketing strategy to the respective target audience. Youtube has done the research for you by collecting data on millions of videos to know the most popular video formats. We have created a list of popular content among YouTube. You can take guidance from it and make your videos accordingly to get your content popular.

Here are the top 10 types of video content that yields the highest number of views and engagement:

1. Product review Youtube videos

Product reviews are at the top of our list. This category of videos is the most-watched among YouTube. These videos can get you new viewers and subscribers, which otherwise might not have found your channel.

An example of a product video would be a person discussing the pros and cons of the product or services they’ve used. This may also include their personal experience, and their recommendation.

Make sure that you’ve properly studied your product before making a video on it. In order to gain more views and subscribers, review a product that is popular among your target audience.

Product reviews will drive new audiences to your channel, which might not have come otherwise. This will increase your overall views and subscribers, and you can make more money with it through ads. Additionally, Youtubers can place links of the products to your description, known as affiliate marketing and they’ll often receive a percentage of whatever the subscribers buy. Google finds that 62% of consumers who watch product review videos before making a purchase, and one poll found that customers are 52% more likely of purchase a product featured in a Youtube product review.

NikkieTutorials “Rihanna: Fenty Beauty – Review + First Impressions”

2.   How-to videos

How-to videos resemble educational videos. However, these videos are usually for a tutorial or the use of a certain product, whereas educational videos are based on a broad topic or field.

The popularity of how-to videos is high because they help the viewers to solve the pain point that they’re experiencing. People will directly search for the video regarding their pain points. Use keywords and SEO oriented text in the title, and you will definitely catch the viewer’s attention

As people are looking for solutions, how-to videos are great ways to bring new subscribers. They are a versatile video form, and you can earn from them in different ways.

You can attach the sponsored product to your video that will help your viewers in solving their problem. Similarly, you can also earn from affiliate marketing by including the product in the description.

James Charles’ “How To Get Perfect Skin With Makeup”

3.   Q&A videos

Q&A videos are basically a compilation of commonly asked questions or  questions that are asked regarding your genre. One of the most important key to success while filming Q&A video is providing value. You should always answer the questions which your viewers are generally curious about.

Q&A videos can be great as it does not require to be super technical or produced. The makers of Catana Comics had over 80,000 views on their video by just talking in front of the camera.

You should have a unique viewpoint, and your information should be useful and informative that your fans won’t find anywhere else.

If your Q&A video is regarding any popular topic that people regularly search, it will also bring you new subscribers. The correct use of Q&A videos will help you reach out to your existing fan base, which will lead towards increased engagement with your fans resulting in more profit through ad interactions.

Rosanna Pansino’s “Sister Q&A”

4.  Vlogs

A vlog is typically a video blog, where YouTubers record their day, share their feelings and opinion, or any specific event in their life. You can bring out your personality and connect to your subscribers through such videos.

Vlog gives you plenty of room to experiment with new things as they are typically unscripted. They also increase your engagement with your subscribers as these help your subscribers understand you better.

While you can record yourself doing practically anything, vlog focused on a specific topic tend to work best. This can give an idea to your audience to get influenced by you. For example, health YouTubers often post vlogs about their daily diet and exercise routine.

Casey Neistat’s “The Greatest Year Of My Entire Life”

Many top Youtubers who have millions of subscribers often do daily vlogs as these subscribers tune in regularly to watch their “video diaries”.

5.   Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos are very popular among fashion, technology, and beauty influencers. In these videos, a YouTuber is usually opening a package for the first time and sharing his sudden though regarding the product.

Credit: Marques Brownlee’s  “Apple Watch Series 6: Everything New!”

A tech YouTubers may unbox any tech gadget to get his viewer’s attention. Unboxing videos show viewers exactly what to expect from a product; that’s why these videos are popular among different kinds of YouTube videos. It also lets them experience that first look at the product or the package.

As an influencer, unboxing videos can be a profitable and very lucrative segment to enter. You can also earn from these videos by getting sponsorship from different brands. They will pay you an amount to review and unbox their products, which will increase your earnings.

6.  Educational videos

If you have a grip on any particular subject, you should definitely make educational videos. People who learn faster through visual stimuli turn to YouTube to understand the concepts better.

Sometimes topics that are often difficult to be understood through textbooks can be easy to understand through YouTube. Because of this, educational videos often have more viewers. One of the biggest advantages of making such videos is that your content won’t become old, as they are virtually timeless since basic concepts don’t change over time.

Brands can create valuable content for their audience without being overtly promotional through educational videos. For example, a real estate developer might create or sponsor a video regarding the advantages of investing in a house to make users more informed. This, in turn, can be converted into sales in the long run.

Veritasium’s “Can Silence Actually Drive You Crazy?”

7. Reaction videos

Reaction videos are made to capture a Youtuber’s reaction to a particular content, topic or event. These types of videos can depict agroup reaxction or a third party individual’s reaction. This genre is quite versatile as a Youtube Reactor can react to a range of videos including TV series epieodes, commercials, games, news etc.

Nikki And Steven’s “Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Reaction”

8. Youtube Gaming Vidoes

Gaming videos usually captures the Youtuber gaming while talking through their experience with a particular game. This is quite a saturated niche, but it is also one of the most prominent and successful niche on Youtube. For instance, one of the world’s top Youtuber PewDiePie also makes gaming videos. Top youtuber gamers consistently drive high views and engagement on Youtube. These can be in the form of livestreams, walkthroughs, tutorials, challenges, game reviews etc.

Ninja’s “Ninja Gets Revenge On Tfue”

9. Youtube ASMR videos

ASMR videos has been widely popular lately. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a genre of Yotuube videos that causes “tingly” sensations when viewers see and hear certain videos. It also creates a feel that’s soothing and zen-like to the audience. It’s main objective is to help viewers relax and these videos are often very uniquely created.

Poki ASMR’s “Soothing Spa Sounds”

10. Youtube Haul videos

Haul videos are videos that focus on showcasing things you have bought while out on a shipping trip. This type of video appeals to viewers as it gives viewers an euphoric feeling of shopping, without actually spending. Furthermore, haul videos are also attracts a highly targeted audience as they are searching for that specific product. We also recommend including affiliate links or similar items in your description will also help generate commission for you.

Toni Sevadalis’ “Zara Sale Haul… I save so much money”


Which one of the above videos do you like the most? We recommend influencers who are just starting out to look at your channel and personal branding to decide which video style suits you and your audience.

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