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What is an Instagram Loop and how does it work?

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Follow Loop Giveaway
Follow Loop Giveaway

Instagram follow loop giveaway have become a common practice in the influencer community. It is a quick growth hack strategy which both businesses and bloggers have come up with to gain new followers. Having a high follower count on Instagram comes with many great perks. The more you engage with the posts of your fellow influencers, the more engagement you get on your posts. Instagram followers bring you PRs, event invitations, collaborations, and partnerships

How do Instagram follow loops work?

Loop giveaways refers to a post specifically for the promotion of a group of aspiring influencers and/or brands. It is also for people who want to build a good following on Instagram.

It typically works like this:

  • A loop giveaway usually includes 3-10 businesses or bloggers that pool together to offer a prize. The prize could include gifts like a vacation, a ticket, or designer bags etc.
  • One engaging image is created by the organiser to advertise the giveaway, which shows all the prizes. The post will also include clear instructions on how to win. Instructions may include asking followers to follow one or many accounts, and engage with the those accounts. Engagement could be in the form of following, liking, commenting, sharing etc.
  • The list of who tags who, and in what order is predetermined so that entrants follow the competition around in a loop.

If you would like to look at examples, simply search #loopgiveaway on Instagram.

Furthermore, influencer Grace Atwood also shared her views on follower loops via her Instagram stories. “As an influencer, it’s incredibly frustrating [that] you’re measured against people who are doing this,” “It’s something everyone talks about and most brands and agencies are aware of it. It’s pretty prevalent.”

follow loop

Image: Instagram

Another very famous example is with famous A-list celebrities such as working with Kris Jenner.

follow loop Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner shared a giveaway in partnership with Curated Businesses.  Instagram / @krisjenner

How much does it cost to participate in a loop giveaway?

The participation price for a follow loop giveaway can vary from $100 to $20,000. It also depends on if a specialised Giveaway business is organising it or if its self organised by fellow bloggers and small businesses. Brands are also willing to pay from $5,000 to $20,000 to participate, and grow their followings by as much as 150,000 followers as a result.

Tips with follow loop giveaways

Swipe up

Many Instagram influencers and brands will use this giveaway strategy to get their account following to reach 10,000 followers. This is because Instagram rewards the people who succeed to make a decent following and a reputation with the swipe up feature. With Instagram users who already have over 10k followers, the ‘swipe up’ feature will be available in their stories. It makes advertising the loop giveaway on Instagram very convenient to use. You can reach the site or call-to-action (CTA) by just swiping up at the story. It saves you from the hassle of going to the bio and finding the link. It can also be used for providing supplementary information, continuing conversations and referring to the cited source.

Target your efforts. Use the FLC (follow, like, comment) loop.

The follow like comment loop is the best way to reach your target followers. You cannot gain thousands of followers overnight, it might take some time, but it will be worth it. Many people are still confused if it really works, but it actually does. The more time you spend on engaging with others, the better engagement you will get. Follow these steps:

  1. Go through the follower’s list of an influencer that has the same interests as you. Try to engage with them. Make sure you use hashtags so that it stays relevant. Also, keep a good knowledge of what your fellow influencers are doing. 
  2. Follow a few accounts that you find in your fellow influencers’ list. However, make sure that you follow the accounts which have more than 500 followers. Having this many followers means that the user is active on Instagram. Try to go through the bio of these accounts as well. Do not rely on following back game and choose your followers wisely. 
  3. Go to the selected accounts and like a few of their posts. Leave comments as well. Make sure that you have genuine comments and not made up ones. Also do not take it overboard. Try to be natural.
  4. The whole loop will take only 5 minutes. Repeat it three times daily. Try to do this in the evening as most of the people are active at this time. Also, make the use of hashtags as well.

Lessons from follow-loop giveaways.

Follow loop is an effective way to gain followers if followers are all you are after

There’s no doubt that the giveaway loop brings you followers, but it is not guaranteed that all the followers are active and can benefit you. It is also likely that followers may unfollow your account after the giveaway is over.

The followers do not necessarily engage

When the followers aren’t active, they won’t be able to engage with your posts. Therefore, it is necessary to choose your own followers. Also, building a strong foundation through trust is also important. Joining an engagement pod may be more useful to improve your engagement rates. Engagement pods are essentially the concept of “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours”. If you don’t like any of the photos in the group, then no one will like yours.

How Instagram deals with inactive or fake followers

Instagram has come up with certain reforms that discourage the purchasing of fake followers. There have been solid actions against third parties and applications that buy followers and likes. Most of the users prefer to use conventional ways for achieving success. However, there are still a few people who look for shortcuts. 

Follow loops takes time

You cannot get a number of followers overnight. It is a time taking and energy-consuming process. So be patient and follow the rules wisely. It might take some of your time daily, but it is going to pay you off well in the end. So it is a kind of investment. Invest today, and you will get an advantage tomorrow. 

Are follower loops legal?

The legal aspect of follower loops is quite subjective as it depends on the giveaway. Michael Isselin, a media attorney at Reed Smith LLP in New York who focuses on Influencer advertising says that giveaways may post legal issues if they aren’t done lawfully.

Michael also states that “there’s a web of anti-illegal lottery laws that countries have in place that you have to navigate through when you’re doing something like this. Especially as the influencer or the brands that might be participating in it, you really want to take a step back and think about whether or not the parties that are involved in running this are aware of what’s going on, aware of the different laws, the registration, the bonding, the permit requirements, and are they in fact complying with them.”


The aim of the giveaway and follow loops is to ultimately gain as many followers as possible by “giving back” to followers.  This behaviour does not necessarily violate Instagram policies.

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