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Guide to Cleansing Ghost Followers on Instagram

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In social media, having a considerable number of social media followers is linked with success. A large number of Instagram followers increase the instant authority of your account and make it look more appealing. Moreover, having more Instagram followers can also make you become a social celebrity. But on the way to success, ghost followers on instagram can cause serious problems.

It’s true that brands with a high Instagram following creates social credibility, brand visibility, open new doors with influencer collaborations, and product purchases. But one thing that you must keep in mind here is that not all the followers are equally beneficial for your Instagram profile. Some followers affect the quality of your Instagram account. And those followers are known as the ghost followers.

We can see that influencers and brands are doing more business on Instagram these days. To keep their online business successful, they prioritize the quality of the followers over the quantity. If you have only a few ghost followers, then it is not a big issue.

But if you have too many of them, then it can affect your Instagram profile severely. Here we will talk about ghost followers in detail.

What do we mean by ghost followers?

The fake or inactive users who do not connect with your content, are known as ghost followers. These are the people who don’t have any content on their profiles. It won’t be wrong to say that bots create these fake accounts. If you see any follower in your account who has an extensive following list but a limited followers list, then there is a high possibility that the follower is fake.

ghost followers

How to identify ghost followers on Instagram?

To identify ghost followers on Instagram, you can keep these tips in mind:

  1. The followers having 0 posts can be ghost followers.
  2. The followers who do not have any followers can also be ghost followers.
  3. A follower with a strange username can also be a ghost follower.
  4. Followers who do not have any profile picture are also at the risk of being ghost followers.

Ghost Followers affects Engagement

Consider two brands marketing on Instagram:

         1. Company A has 20,000 followers and averages a healthy 2,500 likes per pictures and around 50-60 comments.

        2. Company B, on the other hand, has 50,000 followers, but only averages 50-80 likes, and a handful of generic and repeated comments

Although Company B looks better at first glance because of its higher follower count, it realistically is a much less valuable profile, due to its low engagement.

Instagram users with fake followers have no ability to determine their true reach and impression on Instagram as they have no idea how many real followers they actually have.

How to remove ghost followers?

You can remove Instagram ghost followers using these two methods. Either you can do it manually or choose an app to do this task.

1. Remove ghost followers manually

You can manually check your followers’ list and find out the people who appear to be the ghost followers. This method is acceptable if you have only some hundred followers and plenty of time. But if you have a lot of followers, then you should go with the second way.

2. Download an app

Another thing that you can do to remove your ghost followers Instagram is to take help from ghost followers removing the app. This app searches through the followers of your account and spots the ghost followers from the list.

remove ghost followers app

After spotting the fake followers, click on the three dots present on the upper right side of the page. Then you can choose between the ‘report,’ ‘block,’ or ‘remove’ option.

How Do You Avoid Ghost Followers?

You must be wondering how to identify ghost followers on Instagram. Well, many ways can help you in getting rid of ghost followers on Instagram.

Do these things to prevent ghost followers:

1. Don’t Purchase Followers for Your Account

Purchasing followers off sites and apps is the most common way you can use to gain ghost followers. There are services like Gramblast that suggest deals on followers. For only $2.99, you can buy 100 followers. Buzzdays also provides a related deal – $1.89 for 100 followers. 

No doubt, your account is highlighted through these services and tools, and people are attracted by the number of followers you get. But it is essential to realize that you are paying a huge price just for ghost followers’ sake.

These followers do not interact and engage in your posts, and will decrease the account’s organic reach and impressions. Moreover, Instagram also looks at any irregularity on its platform. This means that you may get caught and get your account banned by having fake followers.

2. Never get a Pre-existing Instagram Account

For knowing how to get rid of spam followers on Instagram, please avoid purchasing accounts for sale with a considerable number of followers. 

Companies that sell Instagram accounts do not tell all the details about the profile. And this can be a massive risk if something illegal or immoral is caught afterwards. Most of the time, these accounts are filled with ghost followers.

When you buy an account, it becomes yours, and after that, you can make any changes as you like. At times followers do not find your content as engaging as the content of the previous owner.

Instagram also makes sure to ban suspicious accounts. Also, changing the name of the profile can be an activity that might make Instagram ban your account.

3. Do not Purchase Likes and Comments on Your Posts

Stop the purchasing of likes and comments on your posts will help you get rid of ghost followers on Instagram. There are many applications like Gramplify, Super Liker, and IG Flash that offer many deals of increasing likes on your account by posting content and making other users like your content.  There are also apps like remove ghost followers app that can help you lose all the followers that do not engage in your posts.


Purchasing likes or followers only offer short term engagement on your account. Make sure you have followers that are real and those who engage in your posts. Rather than going for fake followers.

Also, those ghost followers are harmful to your account. They make the profile visitors suspicious about your account. It also affects the quality of the audience viewing your profile. Keep in mind that Instagram analytics prefers organic followers, likes, and comments. So, expanding your follower’s list by adding ghost followers would not help build up your profile.

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