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5 Social Media Success Stories & Marketing Examples

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social media success stories
social media success stories

Do you want to learn from some of the outstanding Social Media success stories? We will present some of the best social media case studies that have helped brands and companies flourish on social media.

Almost every brand is on one or more social networks running marketing campaigns, and this number has increased to $32.18 billion in the United States and $9.4 billion in Australia in 2019.

Social Media Ads

Image via Statista

Furthermore, in 2019, Instagram’s advertising increased by 4.3% with Snapchat following at 3.8%. Twitter’s advertising reach decreased by 3.3%, while Facebook has remained unchanged.

Social Media Statistics according to Brandwatch:

  • Facebook boasts a whopping 2.375 billion daily users
  • YouTube has 1.9 billion users
  • Instagram has one billion users
  • LinkedIn has 610 million users
  • Twitter has 330 million users
  • Snapchat has 190 million users

Everyone knows that this is the age of social media, and if you want to ensure a winning social media campaign, you will have learned from some of the proven social media success stories. Apart from being communicative through social applications, people are also using them to grow their business. You need to have innovative and creative ideas that you can present to the target customers and engage their interest.

Here are some small business social media marketing success stories of a few businesses and brands which gained much through Instagram. Not only they made customers, but they also developed good communication with them and gained a lot of trust and love from the users.

1. My Starbucks Idea

The famous Starbucks, and the name they have made in this world is unmatchable. They not only expanded their business through existing social media platforms but also strived hard to make a new platform and spread it all over the world.

My Starbucks Idea

Infographic via “My Starbucks Idea” HBS

In 2008, the founder Howard Schultz launched the open innovative platform “My Starbucks Idea”. My Starbucks Idea encouraged customers and fans to share their ideas, comment on existing services to make the company’s beloved products even better. This is something that holds a place in everyone’s heart. The reason behind such great appreciation from the viewers is that they will raise your issue and use a blog to update about the implementation of your suggestion.

So you not only suggest, but also see that certain change in the products or services. And all this is possible just using your phone, laptop, computer, or whatever. You have to visit the website, suggest your ideas, and see the results within a few days.

In June 2018, almost after a decade of the “My Starbucks Idea”, the company retired this from their platform. However, Starbucks still encourages customers to raise suggestions via Twitter and their website.

This social media success story has helped Starbucks access very valuable ideas from their customers by empowering them to raise suggestions for product improvements. Starbucks has also gained a lot of media attention and free advertising. This is a great way to market products to the most valuable customer segment.

2. Comcast Cares

Comcast receives a very high volume of customer service requests, and sometimes from very upset customers. This has caused their customers to gradually dislike their way of communication and quality of services. Therefore, Comcast has made an enormous stride in improving the customer experience through customer service. At that time, what helped the Comcast was the Comcast cares. They started communicating with users via twitter. They used it to hear about what things the users want to get improved, what things they feel are lacking in the services.

“Customers come to Twitter willing to have a conversation, instead of being pissed off!”

– Bill Gerth, Comcast

With the help of direct, fast, and quality communication with the users on twitter, Comcast has now managed to get their place back in the market. This way, the complaints from the users are much decreased now. You just have to visit the Comcast care online and mentioned your issue.

3.   Everlane 

Everlane is an ethical fashion brand that has a killer price point. They use social media to promote their services and products in a great way different from others. It differs in that they operate under the driver of “Radical Transparency”. Everlane has provided high quality products at a reasonable cost by working closely with factories that produce luxury goods. Their website also includes tours, images of the factories, and cost breakdowns.

Everlane's factory visit

Everlane’s factory visit

Moreover, Everlane also educates their customers and fans about the larger commitment to sustainability. The brand highlights to their customers on why they should invest in every piece they purchase. For instance, when they launched their jeans, they showcased the factories they were produced in, as well as the efforts to conserve water during production.

Similarly, Everlane also picks half of their employees to model on their social media. Allowing their followers to see and understand their culture and people behind their brand. They utilise Instagram Stories to host weekly “Transparency Tuesday” sessions where followers can ask questions that various employees will answer. This also gives their customers a sneak peak to new collections and drops.

Everlane's Transparency

Image via Instagram

4. Share a Coke Campaign

Share a Coke Campaign

Coca-Cola wanted a core idea that would reunite Australians with the idea of getting together and sharing a good time over a Coca-Cola. The ‘Share a Coke’ social media success story gained a lot of popularity and fame starting from the year 2011 to the end of 2015. Within these four to five years, there were various traditional and online platforms used to help this campaign gain a lot of traction.

Video via Coca-Cola Australia

After this, a big step that Coca Cola took was to make such bottles that had the name of different people. You can go into the shop or use any online store to get a coca-cola bottle with your name on it. You can also buy a bottle with your friends or family member’s names to spread more happiness and love.

The social media campaign exceeded expectations with millions of Australian getting together to Share a Coke. Coke Facebook site increased by 870%, Coke’s Facebook page grew by 39%, and became the number one most talked about page in Australia, and 23rd globally. Around 120,000 posts were shared on different platforms that helped in spreading awareness regarding this campaign. Young adult consumption increased by up to 7%, making 2011 the most successful summer. The campaign earned a total of 18,300,000 media impressions. Millions of people participated in this program. All these things contributed a lot to making this campaign so popular within the people.

5.   Casper


Casper is the sleep products e-tailer that uses a multi-channel strategy to reach a wider audience base. Casper’s Social Media success story is based on creating a strong presence on every social media platform. This includes popular networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify, and IGTV to telecast their new Caspar Sleep Channel.

Casper’s Sleep Channel on Youtube was done to help listeners doze off with their sleep-inducing segments of sounds, bedtime stories, and meditations. This series was shared on all three social media platforms while promoting a teaser before the actual release. Therefore, the clever use of an omni-channel approach was a strategy that contributed to their social media success stories. This allowed Casper to distribute their content, saturate the market and be shown to potential customers.

Casper Facebook Ad

Want your own Social Media Success?

Having your own brand’s social media success requires innovative and witty marketing ideas, coupled with a developed Cross-channel marketing strategy. Cross-channel or Omni-Channel may seem very time-consuming, but using a modern social media influencer management tool can go a long way in simplifying things.

Orient is an Influencer Marketing App enabling brands to collaborate with Australian micro-influencers in any niche. It is an all-in-one platform that covers aspects of Social Media Promotion, Content Production and Event Management.

Brands can create their Brand Campaign on the Orient website and see submissions of Influencers and USG flowing in. Find out more on how Orient can improve your brand’s engagement and ROI.s

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Start scaling your influencer marketing campaigns with Orient right away. We also have influencer & content marketing specialists ready to take on your next campaign!

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