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5 Top Tips to Create a Killer Video Content Strategy

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Video Content Strategy
Video Content Strategy

The most commonly used medium of storytelling and visualisation these days is video content. It enables you to utilise your vision, hearing, and mental capability to perceive the message conveyed through a good video.

All business campaigns, promotions, and advertisements are incorporating videos on their programs as it is a very impactful and effective medium. It engages the audience and also keeps them entertained. A good video has sound, visuals, and graphics that have a deep impact on the audience and help the brand build a strong foundation. 

It is evident that video plays an important part of your content marketing strategy, here a few statistics to prove this:

In other words, now’s the time for your business to create a winning video content strategy.

Video Ad Spend


We have included five actionable steps to take when creating good video content

1. Focus on stories, not sales

In older times, television and radio were the only sources of entertainment. People used to watch television and follow it religiously. But now, times have changed, social media and other networking sites have taken the place of television.

People spend their time on their mobile phones and laptop screens. Even on the television, they connect the internet to watch what they want. In times of television, the advertisements interrupted the entertainment, but now, they have to compete with the entertainment, so they have to be promising enough that a viewer spends time watching them. 

This can happen if the advertisement video has a hope story that keeps the audience spellbound. One should not focus on the advertisement of the brand but the engagement of the story. Only then, out of curiosity, the viewers will watch the video to the end, and cone to know about the product you’re endorsing. 

2.   Have a simple video SEO strategy

SEO is not only for blogs and articles, but a good video also needs SEO optimisation. People are switching towards the mediums that are easier and convenient. Therefore, just like google, YouTube is also being used as a search engine.

If someone wants to search for the specification of a certain model of mobile phone, they will look it up on YouTube instead of google. This enabled you to pit lesser effort; you don’t have to read it through. You can just play the video and do something else, and in this way, it enables you to multi-task.

SEO optimisation, however, is not an easy task, and it is the backbone of the good video that you want to publish. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use in order to increase the reach and exposure of your video.

These steps are feasible and very easy to follow. 

3. Craft out a catchy SEO title to catch attention

Your title should be eye-catching so that the audience is convinced to click it in the very first place. You can add certain keywords to your title so that it comes on the top while someone searches for the main word. There are many keyword searching applications and sites that you can use and bring your video in trending good videos. You can use Youtube Keyword tool or SE Ranking keyword suggestion tool to find the suitable keywords for your video content.

4. Your video content description should have relevant keywords

Keep in mind that you should incorporate certain keywords in your video description; however, do not go overboard with it. Check the keyword density first and then adjust the keywords according to the requirement. A good video description comprises of 70 words, and it tells you what the video is about. 

Here a good example from R-Tools Technology:

video content description should have relevant keywords

-Make proper use if tags

The tags are another way of increasing the exposure of your video. Make sure you include the tags that are trending, and people look for the most. This needs a little time and research, but it is worth it in the end. 

-Pay attention to Link-building

For keywords ranking, link building is also important. More the number of links leading towards your video, better the keyword ranking

-Use an eye-catching thumbnail

Make use of colours, nice designs, branded and eye-catching thumbnail so that it catches the attention of the viewer instantly. Make sure that it is of high quality and engaging. 

eye-catching thumbnail

-Optimise mobile viewing for your video content

People watch videos on their phones as it is convenient and portable. Therefore, one should invest in optimisation for mobile viewing.

-Make use of video sitemap

it is a great way for ranking your video. It refers to a small map that contains all the details of your video. Using a sitemap can help in the ranking of your good video. 

video sitemap

-Screen Testimonials In Advance  

Try to include screen testimonials to increase conversions, improve trust and brand credibility with the audience. This can be in the form of votes, views, comments to showcase how other customers have found your brand video content to be informative and valuable to them. Furthermore, having a well-known spokesperson or brand ambassador can increase your conversions rates drastically. Orient can help you connect with relevant influencers and KOLs with your brand, and improve the marketing effectiveness and ROI.

4.  Target relevant audiences for your videos

It is best to do research about your audience and then create content according to what will go best with your audience. You can classify the audience on the basis of age, region, language, gender, and occupation. For example, for the advertisement of a cosmetic product, the target audience would be women. Therefore, you create the content accordingly.

Target relevant audiences for your videos

One should make efforts to reach the target audience. Make relevant research and take promising steps so that you can attract the most traffic towards your site. Also, by having a target audience, you can create content that can immediately make room in the audience’s heart. 

5. Write a script your audience will want to follow:

Pay due attention to the script because if someone spends their two minutes on your good video, one must try to make those two minutes’ count. Follow these ways to make your script stand out. 

  • Pay attention to key points and keep your sentences short and precise
  • Avoid irrelevant things, but make sure the video is engaging.
  • A conversational tone is recommended so that your good video sounds natural. 
  • Prepare your script before recording so that you do not deviate from your path or miss any important point. Also, it helps you prevent any stumbling. 
  • Use simple vocabulary and avoid any vague phrases. 


You can get your good video in the top search by following these five easy steps. It is also advisable to outsource your videos to video creators and influencers who are in your business niche. As user generated content (UGC) is very effective to consumer groups. Book a demo with us to find out more on how Orient can help your brand’s digital strategy.

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Start scaling your influencer marketing campaigns with Orient right away. We also have influencer &
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Start scaling your influencer marketing campaigns with Orient right away. We also have influencer & content marketing specialists ready to take on your next campaign!

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