Why Chinese Influencer marketing?

Chinese Influencer Marketing is ahead of the world. Advanced technology and integration of social media, e-commerce and digital payment in China has enabled new business models which are yet to be explored by other parts of the world. 

 The common question asked by many brands includes what is the best approach to reach the target audience efficiently in China? The answer is 99% likely to be Chinese Influencer Marketing by working with Key Opinion Leaders.

We also suggest you to look into Influencer incubators, e-commerce influencers and Orient to have a holistic Chinese Influencer Marketing Strategy. 

What are Influencer Incubators?


Unlike Western influencers who rely on the traditional sponsored-post monetisation model, many Chinese influencers have created their own brand. This includes manufacturing and selling products designed for their audience. Moreover, These influencer incubators utilise a fast-fashion model and every step of the product development cycle is designed to be shared on influencer’s social media. From product development to marketing, and brand advocates interacting throughout the process, aimed to create relevant products to lead new trends. Social media platforms are influencer brand tools used to ask customers what they want rather than selling them the product.


What are E-Commerce KOL Influencers?

Social commerce is the integration of social media and e-commerce which is a significant trend in China. Virtually, all major social platforms in China have fully-integrated native e-commerce and digital payment solutions. This integration is now popping up in the West on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. However, the interesting insight here is that Chinese e-commerce sites have transformed into social platforms.

Furthermore, Alibaba with its popular e-commerce live streaming platforms Taobao Live, Tmall Live and Little Red Book is at the forefront of social commerce. Alibaba incorporated content-rich interface that includes video, live streaming and full social media capabilities which enriched the e-commerce experience. Also, approximately 60 – 70% of Tmall and Taobao’s mobile apps are about content. This content encourages e-commerce shoppers to “hang out”, as if they were on a social media or content platform creating an opportunity for brands that leverage popular ecommerce influencers.


Why Use Orient For Your chinese Influencer Marketing?


Chinese Influencer Marketing is a huge business in China and other parts of the world with a bright future. Customers turn to influencers because their advice and recommendations are genuine & the information is presented to them at the right time. 

Orient organically connects brand campaigns to over thousands of influencers. It gives access to a lucrative market and handles the language barrier. Additionally, the Influencer Marketing Application allows for flexibility in where you want your campaign to go along with superior analytics to track the overall impact on social media and various returns on investment.  

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