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Follow Loop Giveaway

What is an Instagram Loop and how does it work?

September 25, 2020Brand Resources

Instagram follow loop giveaway have become a common practice in the influencer community. It is a quick growth hack strategy which both businesses and bloggers have come up with to gain new followers. Having a high follower count on Instagram comes with many great perks. The more you engage with the posts of your fellow …

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social media success stories

5 Social Media Success Stories & Marketing Examples

September 2, 2020Brand Resources

Do you want to learn from some of the outstanding Social Media success stories? We will present some of the best social media case studies that have helped brands and companies flourish on social media. Almost every brand is on one or more social networks running marketing campaigns, and this number has increased to $32.18 …

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nano and micro influencer marketing


August 4, 2020Brand Resources

In the world of Influencer Marketing, the higher the number of likes, shares, followers and social engagement, the quality of the influencer is better. Is this true? Well, not necessarily when it comes to Nano and Micro-Influencers. According to the latest industry data, Nano and Micro-Influencer marketing is booming and thus becoming an essential part …

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