Why Is KOL Marketing So Effective?


技术进步改变了品牌沟通的方式。 品牌不再仅仅依赖主流广告,而是超越这些成功的广告。


In 2019, China’s KOL industry was valued at over $8 Billion USD as KOLs have become an integral part to the ecosystem which promotes social selling. KOL Marketing is so effective as the massive amount of social media consumption has had the power to influence a person’s decision making capacity and motivated them to purchase a brand’s product.

How have these KOLs taken over the market?

The clutter of advertisements has confused the audience more than before. KOLs are considered to be more vital than mass media since they are able to connect and relate to their audience in a way that is more authentic and intimate. These KOL are the ones who are performing double duties of not only connecting with their audience but also have a specific target demographic. 


Gen Z and Millennials consumers heavily rely and trust KOL Marketing and Online Reviews


With the current landscape in China, Accenture polled 10,000 consumers across 13 markets, including 1,000 in China, and have found that 70% of Chinese Gen Z consumers (those who are born after 1995) are more reliant on social media for shopping than even millennials. While social media also matters to millennials, a small proposition (58%) of Chinese consumers born between 1990 -1995 say they prefer to use social media for shopping. This further emphasises the effectiveness of KOL Marketing. 


Why is the using KOL Marketing (Chinese Purchasing Journey) more effective?

Take a look at this customer journey diagram from Boston Consulting Group, it highlights the difference between the West and East Purchasing Journey. The online shopping journey is very seamless in China, the typical consumer embarks on a journey of exploration and discovery – to see what’s new or what’s trending online to purchasing the product immediately through embedded purchase links. Therefore, the path from discovery to purchase is very seamless and streamlined. Whereas, in the Western market, consumers see something they like on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram etc, they usually have to exit the app to search for the product and buy it. This step requires extra time and effort for the user.




品牌应首先考虑KOL网红与目标人群的相关程度。 重要的是要评估哪个KOL最符合,并找到合适的KOL以及潜在客户。

微观影响者,中间影响者,宏观影响者和博主之间存在鲜明的对比, 为了确定广告系列的覆盖面,公司不仅要考虑其预算,还要考虑其品牌形象。




抓住中国市场的两个平台是微信和直播。 这些平台可用于宣传您的品牌,并作为您的起点。

  • 微信 - 微信一直在发展,并为KOL提供的订阅号的功能使他们可以与粉丝分享产品和心得,此外还提供了迷你电子商务程序使KOL能更好地为粉丝们提供服务。这意味着观众可以阅读KOL发布的内容,浏览节目并与朋友分享内容,而无需离开微信应用程序。 


  • 直播 - 在实时流式传输的帮助下,寻找KOL网红的另一种富有成效的方式。现在,手机是目前人们最频繁使用的设备,无论是打电话,在步行的旅途中还是等地铁,人们会浏览手机上的各种直播APP在上面获取资讯。 这些直播应用可用于发布新产品,征求意见或展示才艺。 截至2018年7月 ,中国直播录得超过4.25亿的观看次数,注册用户更是到达了2亿。  

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