Top 5 Chinese Fashion & Beauty KOLs

Chinese fashion and lifestyle influencers also called Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) have become significant pieces of businesses in China. Sharing styling and makeup tips through a series of photos and videos is the best way to promote your products. These influencers play a crucial communicative role and prove to be a reliable source of information to their followers via social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo and Little Red Book.

Let’s get into the list of the most influential Chinese Influencers & KOLs.

Meet the Chinese Influencers making Waves In the fashion & beauty Space!

1. Kakakaoo~


Find her on:

Weibo: @Kakakaoo

Instagram: @kakakaoo7


With over 60.4K followers on Instagram, Kakakaoo is a 23 year old fashion and beauty Chinese influencer who is known in China for her Korean influenced style. Posting lively and elegant photos led her to be loved by many and be featured in the prestigious Vogue magazine. She shares her daily life, unboxing videos along with beauty product recommendations and reviews. She publishes “Aqin News” which is news based on her daily life and upcoming work to keep her fans updated.

2. Dipsy


Find him on:

Weibo: @Dipsy

Instagram: @dipdipdipsy


Dipsy has over 6 million followers on Weibo and mainly focuses his content on luxury brands such as Tom Ford, Jo Malone London and Thom Browne. He was a graphic designer and was chosen to appear in Chanel’s promotional video on Valentine’s Day in 2018 which led him to becoming a fashion and beauty KOL. He is an absolute perfectionist and pays a huge attention to small details such as color, tone and layout on every single one of his posts. He makes sure to post flawless content before publishing. 

3. Bag


Find him on:

Weibo: @Bags

Instagram: @mrbagss


With over 5 million followers on Weibo, Mr. Bags real name is Tao Liang who mainly writes content to recommend various luxury branded handbags as well as posts reviews/critiques bags worn by celebrities. On Valentine’s Day in 2017, Mr. Bags collaborated with Givenchy and released a limited edition pink version of ‘Mini Horizon’ handbag. All 80 bags with each priced RMB 15,000 got sold out within 12 minutes of launch. In 2018, he designed a bag with Tod’s with each priced RMB 10,800. All of 500 handbags got sold out within 6 minute generating sales of RMB 3.24 million. 

4. Ai meier


Find her on:

Weibo: @Ai媚兒

Xiaohongshu: @aimeier_01


Known as the prettiest postgraduate student, she is now a print ad model and a KOL with over 4.4 million followers. Most of the posts she writes are about reviews of beauty products. She has 8 years of experience of working with many well known brands such as Olay and Panasonic’s Hair Dryers. She has branched out into other categories like home goods and even vacuums and has established a fresh and clean image by sharing tips on cleaning your room and house.

5. Becky Li


Find her on:

Weibo: @黎貝卡的異想世界

Instagram: @beckys_fantasy


In 2017, she collaborated with Mini Cooper to promote a limited edition “Caribbean Blue” colored cars. Mini Cooper that stated only 100 of these cars would be available. In only 5 minutes after her promotional posts, all 100 of the cars had been reserved. She was a journalist before and now works as a fashion and beauty KOL with over 4.3 million fans on Weibo.


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