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What to Write to Influencers? Top Outreach Email Templates (+ Examples)

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what to write to influencers
what to write to influencers

A common question when writing to influencers is what to write to influencers. Before proceeding with that let us talk in detail about influencers and their role. Sometimes you may feel like you are not putting enough effort into creating good content. Or you may think that the efforts you are putting in the promotion of your content are going in vain. Going through such times definitely makes you think of some solutions that can take you out of these situations.

If you are also out of those people who are looking forward to better promotion of their products and services, then you have got down to the right place. Here is this article we have come up with the best idea for your brand promotion. And that is talking to influencers and taking their help for promoting your brand.

But the main question that arises here is that how to ask influencers to share your content? Before proceeding with the answer to this question, let us first begin with explaining who are influencers and some important terms related to them.

Who are influencers?

The very first thing that we need to make clear in our minds is that who are influencers? Influencers are people who have profiles on different social media platforms. And who post content for teaching their audience.

The best thing about influencers is that they choose a specific niche of their interest. And start guiding people from the basics to the complex stuff related to that niche. This way, influencers teach their audience about a specific niche by sharing content related to that niche. A big question here is that what to write to influencers so that they get convinced with your deal.

Some terms related to influencers

What is ‘Influencer Marketing’?

Marketing refers to the act of promoting something for increasing the awareness of the product or service in the market. Also Influencer marketing refers to marketing done via influencers. This means that you reach out to the influencers and ask them to promote your products or services among their followers.

What is ‘influencer outreach’?

Influencer outreach is the term used for the increase in the sales and leads of your company with the help of the influencers. Moreover, Influencers have a large number of audience so they can promote your services or products in a great way. 

How to get influencers to promote your product?

Here are some tips that you can follow that will help you with how to get influencers to promote your brand products:

  1. Firstly, choose the influencers who have a good knowledge of your products.
  2. Secondly, run free campaigns and invite volunteer influencers for your product promotion.
  3. Lastly, ask your influencers to share the products with their followers to get more clients.

What to write to influencers?

Now let us talk about what to write to influencers. Here we have categorized ‘what to talk to influencers’ according to the type of promotion you want. We have listed information regarding some influencer reach out templates that will help you with communicating with the influencer in a better way. We also have some email examples to help you with a better idea of the tips. See below to know more about it.

Hi [name]!
I’m [your name] from [company]. I work with [mutual connection] who mentioned that you [what mutual connection said about the influencer].
[Mutual connection] said that it would be a good idea to get in touch with you to learn more about [topic] and work on [project] together.
Does this sound like something you would be interested in? If so, I would love to call you some day this week around noon and figure out a way to make it mutually beneficial.
Let me know what you think!
[your name]

What To Write to influencers

1. The Free Product Outreach / Contra-Collaboration / Gifting email template

Influencers have a good fan following, and people trust them for their honest reviews. In order to develop a healthy and long-lasting relationship with the influencer, the brands offer them free samples so that they can review them and come forward with a review.

Here’s an excellent example on an Instagram influencer outreach template from Entrepreneur:

Hi [name],

My name is [your name] from [company]. I really enjoy your [relevant content] and am impressed by how well you’ve done with [their company name]. I’m reaching out to you because I have a product that I think your audience would appreciate. Would you be willing to test and review [product]?

I can provide a free sample for you to review, and three extra ones that you can give away to your audience.

Thanks for your time,
[your name]

Challenges for influencers

Sometimes it is challenging for the influencer because the products are not up to their expectations. However, it is the obligation of the influencer to give an honest review and be genuine and authentic with their followers.

A give-and-take relationship

It is quite fair and square that the brands offer the influencers free goods in return for their reviews and the traffic they will bring to the brand through their following.

What to write in a Gifting email to Influencers?

If you are thinking of what to write to influencers, then write them a free sample template. The best way for collaboration with an influencer is to approach them through email and offer them your product I return for an honest review. Also, do appreciate their efforts they make to increase your sales through their platform.

2. The event invitation email template

Many brands conduct events and parties where they can their products can get a lot of attention through the crowd of influencers at that event. It goes on a pricier side, but it is worth it as it brings a good number of sales.

Eventbrite came up with a smooth template to grab the attention of influencers.

Bloggers Invited! Our Awesome Conference 2015 Showcases the Latest Awesome Industry Innovations.

Awesome Brand is hosting the annual Awesome Conference (link) from 10-13 September in Cool Venue, Cool CityAwesome Conference is dedicated to discussing awesome subject matter, the latest awesome innovations, and the chance for awesome industry professionals to meet and network. Some of our speakers this year include celebrated industry experts like Awesome Person A, Awesome Person B, and Awesome Person C.

There’s limited passes available for bloggers to attend. We are primarily interested in bloggers from the awesome industry or equally cool field.

We ask that the bloggers who attend write a post about their experience and spread the word of the event on their social media channels, especially on Twitter and Facebook. Bloggers will receive a free pass and a discount code for their readers!

Let us know ASAP if you’re interested!

Get your event featured due to the presence of influencers

By conducting an event and inviting the influencers, the brand gets a number of platforms to attract traffic. The event comes under the limelight because of the presence of everyone’s favorite stars.

Free or discounted passes

Brands also provide the influencers with some discount codes or free passes that they can share with their followers. In this way, the event becomes a hit as it is packed and well attended. Also, the influencers get all the protocols and perks of being an influencer along with a chance to interact with their fellows and followers.

What to write in an event invitation email to Influencers?

When thinking about what to write to influencers in an invitation template, make sure to personalize the invitation. And make the guest feel honored and respected. As this is also an attempt that will bring mutual benefit to both parties, the influencers look forward to such events.

3. Write an affiliate marketing email template to Influencers

Affiliate marketing refers to the fact that the brands pay the influencers some commission in return to the sales they bring to the brand. Again it is a give and take situation, but it needs to be done with great care: the more the sales, the higher the commission. Also, the brand sponsors the influencer for bringing traffic towards their product.

Both parties have the same goal

As the goals of both the parties are similar, it gives better and faster results. There might be a need for some legal formalities that must be taken care of.

What to write in an Affiliate Marketing email to Influencers?

The template for affiliate marketing must be very personalized and make sure that the influencer feels the importance that they have been picked for the collaboration. Moreover, if there are any legal formalities to be followed, they must bring them into their notice.

4. The follow-up email template to Influencers

A common question while writing to influencers is; what to write to influencers. As an influencer has a lot of traffic to deal with and too much on their plate already, they might overlook your email. It is better to keep them updated in a gentle manner so that your email comes into their notice.

Follow email to influencers

What to write in a follow-up email to Influencers?

It is necessary to compose the email in such a way that it doesn’t sound overbearing. Therefore, professional language should be used, and one should refrain from any hurtful words. Make sure that the project dwells with mutual understanding.

Have you mastered what to write to Influencers?

These were the best ways you can use to talk to the influencers. They tell you about what to write to influencers. Using these influencer contact template ideas will help you with the promotion and branding of your product. So make sure to follow the guide properly for getting the best results.

What to write to Influencers?

Orient allows brands to integrate into the lucrative Influencer marketplace, whilst handling all the ins and outs such of Social Media Marketing. As a brand, you can create your brand campaign in minutes, and get Influencers reaching out to you on our platform.  You no longer need to send emails to influencers manually and spend thousands of hours managing a campaign. 

So whether you’re new to the influencer marketing scene or looking for how to grow your marketing strategy for 2021, go to find out more go to the Orient website.

We have solutions for you

Start scaling your influencer marketing campaigns with Orient right away. We also have influencer &
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Start scaling your influencer marketing campaigns with Orient right away. We also have influencer & content marketing specialists ready to take on your next campaign!

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